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About the comic

An adaptation of the classic children's story Peter Pan. Closely following J.M. Barrie's original story, come follow the adventures of Peter and the Darling children in the Neverland!
If you've never read the book, here's your chance to experience the real story! If you have, and enjoyed it, then this is the comic for you!

Updates Sundays!

This comic is also posted on DeviantArt and Patreon, so you can follow along there as well! ^_^

About the Creator

So, I'm Elaine (or TriaElf9 online) and I'm a comic artist living in Japan.
I've been doing web comics since 2005, and through my love of creating, fell into making this my job.

My main comic is a queer high fantasy comic, Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana. I also make Princess Retribution which has been revamped and published through Scout Comics as Princess Revolution; Wayfarer of Vyrandel; and Bellanaris, a completed Dragon Age fan comic.
On the side, I do gag strips, illustrations, and other fun things.